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Robe - South Australia

Situated on Guichen Bay, Robe is about 350kms south east of Adelaide, and has altered very little since the 19th century. One of the early ports in the state’s south-east of South Australia, the modern Robe on Guichen Bay is a home to a large commercial fishing fleet and a constant flow of recreational anglers, surfers, sailors, and bush-walkers.

The rugged, windswept coastline harbours stunning, secluded beaches backed by conservation parks studded with shifting dune systems, salt and freshwater lakes and wildlife - including fairy penguins which waddle ashore at sunset.

In colonial days Robe - 335km south of Adelaide - was an important port of entry for the state and during the rush to the Ballarat goldfields in the 1850s thousands of Chinese prospectors landed in the port. Many of them died aboard ship, getting ashore or on the overland trek to Ballarat. A local cairn honours their memory. Robe’s fascinating history is preserved in a museums and colonial buildings. Early colonial Governors were fond of spending their summers taking in the Robe sea breezes in the beachfront mansion, Karratta House. These days Robe is regarded as a year-round tourist destination by visitors who consider the wild, winter storms just as compelling as the delights of summer.

A unique feature of interest, and of great benefit to the crayfish industry, is the 60 tonne straddle lift used for lifting boats, in need of repair, from the water. Visitors can view this operation from the opposite side of the boat channel.
Lake Butler provides a safe anchorage for the fishing fleet and pleasure craft all year round.

For the nature lover there are car tracks, bush walks, and slightly further a field Little Dip Sanctuary or the Nora Creina scenic drive. The whole coastline on either side of Robe provides magnificent scenery.

The Robe Obelisk
Erected on Cape Dombey in 1852, the Obelisk was used to navigate the entrance to Guichen Bay and to store rocket lifesaving equipment. The firing of rockets, carrying baskets to distressed ships to bring passengers ashore, saved many lives. It later assisted passing ships with navigation because its height of 12m (40 ft) makes it visible 20km (12mles) out to sea.

Robe Visitor Information Centre
Victoria Street (PO Box 448)
(08) 8768 2465

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